Musing on Elizabeth Gilbert's latest book, BIG MAGIC and her notion of the shit sandwich, has lead me to thinking which flavour of shit sandwich I really prefer.

The shit sandwich theory goes something like this, every vocation, no matter what you choose has it's equal and labour-some amount of shit that goes with it. Let's say you love blogging fashion, like yours truly over here, you then won't mind so much your free days spent shooting and editing images followed by the returning of and loaning of designer items swiftly onto a never ending onslaught of social media uploads and updates. That is what my basic week looks like, from monday to sunday, not to mention my presenting job which I also do with equal love and jubilation, and then the is the care of the husband and cats of course. My point being is that I love what I do the same way a new mother adores her some what questionable looking baby, much like my questionable sounding/looking work. Not to say all babies a questionable, I am saying more so that when one is sure of the type of shit sandwich they want to eat or should I say don't mind eating, there are no questions.

So true joy then is finding not what you are passionate about but instead finding the thing that makes others call it a day whilst you remain present and undeterred, like Forrest Gump's boat in the storm. You will then reap the rewards...or the shrimp in Forrest's case.

Let's take a friend of mine who would pick up just about any crying toddler in order to hold a baby and smell its baby smell which I've heard is earth shatteringly good, to some it seems a boring chore but alas to her it is the highest calling. On the other hand another friend has such unending rigour for her work that when others are curled in bed or curled on couch or just generally curled from laziness at home with Doritos and a glass of wine, said friend is out at functions, meeting, events and/or anything she can get her hands on to progress her metaphoric baby. I know you're thinking she goes for the free food and alcohol, rest assured oh doubtful one, the girl doesn't even drink. 

I personally have a none ceasing appetite for taking in information, musing on it, talking about it and creating content. It just never tires me. So dear friend, much like Ms. Gilbert teaches, just choose the shit sandwich you don't mind so much and you will have a happy life.