I hated the 90's. 

That is when I lived in them of course, coming off the back those N'SYNC and Britney saturated days however, I have come to appreciate them, better still I've come to love and miss them. What at the time seemed mundane and somewhat boring is now filled with nostalgia and the innocence which I have projected onto the era. Since, I myself at the time was so young those days for me resonate of imagination and freedom.

I didn't like the waif movement, a far cry from my body which was becoming curvy as we passed the year 2000 at which point luckily for me the world didn't end as we were so aggressively promised on the news, who doesn't remember the millennium bug? If anything, the waif made me feel cumbersome and ungainly, I wished to look like Kate Moss. Sitting with Nataliya, my life long soul mate, we would pick out waif like women who walked past us we sat in McDonalds eating our weekly chicken burger. I recall vividly how much we envied those who were flat chested for the lack of a better word. 

 'My god, look at that backless dress', I would profess 'I WISH I could wear a backless dress. How freeing does that look'. We would proceed this choosing of slender women with conversations about how annoying bras are and how much we feel like hippos lacking elegance. As we grew up we learnt to love our curves and boobs, but my fascination for the waif never stopped engaging my imagination. 

It dawned on me lately, it wasn't so much the lack of chests that grasped my attention when it came to these women, but the dresses they wore. The fact that they didn't seem to need a bra, which has always been the first thing I look for in the morning. The freedom came not from the body shape but from how freely they wore garments. Flimsy stroppy dresses, which are often see through and who could forget that iconic silk dress worn by Kate Moss with her hair pulled back and cigarette in hand. I decide to embrace that freedom and wear that dress, boobs or no boobs. Mostly one should wear clothes to compliment their shape, but there are those certain magic moments where you should dress yourself just because its fun, nostalgic or simply iconic.