Suits You

A matching top and bottom suit does two things to my delicate psyche, it catapults me into my childhood, where Barbie always matched her pink power suit blazer to her ankle grazer Audrey Hepburn pants or structured pencil skirt but on the other hand fills me with dread of not being fashion forward enough to pull off such a hip look, which if you are not careful can make you look like someone's aunt who when she shops has so little imagination she simply sees the same pattern on both items and rejoices at the synchronicity, pulls it over her spanks and trots off to work. 

The way to wear something like this is simply to regress back into your childhood. Either manicure yourself into Machino wearing pristine perfection and go about your day as Barbie, which I am all for or throw on the suit and act like a kid with your hair in a messy bun and light make up dusted over your carefree child like preferably freckled face. Flat shoes rarely make the the cut with me regardless of how many fabulous options there are out there, so you make like a heel wearing child who has raided her mothers ward robe and hit the streets with joyous adorn and thirst for life.

I tell you wearing this red and white number on a scorching summer day was truly liberating.