Feminine Lost

Femininity is an art form, which I feel has somewhat been lost. 
I call it an art form because it is truly just that, we live in a world where transgender men and drag queens can be more apt at the said art form then an average suburban mother or business woman you see on the train on your commute to work. I for one admire the dedication of any individual man or woman who is willing to keep this art alive, an art form which has so many layers, perhaps too many to list unless you want to read a thesis on the matter, but I think women hold a power, a power of mystery and feline femininity which shouldn't be abandoned in favour of rushing through life, it seems being busy or wanting to be yourself is the biggest excuse. What I am referring to here isn't about, not working and staying chained to the kitchen for life, I refer more to attributes that make women different to men, power and extremely alluring.

Reference a Geisha floating through the cobbled sakura covered streets of Kyoto,  her allure comes from mystery, her layers and complex talents, not from her loud mouth or outward sexuality, needless to say anyone who knows me will maintain that I posses both a loud moth and outward sexuality but there is so much to be said about creating an image of a calm centre and a creature that is constructed in some kind of mysterious way.

Cleopatra, sirens from legends and queens who sent men fighting for them over looming Grecian seas, all these women possesses beauty routines and ways of putting themselves together that left people gasping. I recently mentioned to a friend of mine that I don't tell my husband when I am on my period, she was perplexed. Why not? She asked, as if I had told her that I don't drink water in front of my husband or something vital to my being alive. My feeling is this, nothing about me telling my lover that I have my period this second will enhance my experience of having it, it wont ease it nor will it make him find me interesting in my mind or sexually aroused by me in any way. Women feel an obligation to 'be yourself', sadly we have carried it too far, being yourself means being your own person not telling your partner and relatives about your bowl movements. Unless of course your partner is doing research of female bowl movements then by all means go ahead, but I will opt out. Like Kate Moss said the essence of mystery is 'never complain, never explain', take heed with these words, women have a need to divulge all our feelings, I for one am a huge fan, but leave that to your girl friends who want to hear. Trust me, don't nag, berate and complain about your period, come on ladies stiff upper lip and that, it will change your life. Make like the Queen of Shiba, develop some beauty rituals and mystery it makes life so much more fun and fabulous when you see the object of your affection look at you like you're the 8th wonder of the world.

A classic nurturing female occupation, to ask if anyone would like a drink or if you are ok or if said new girl would in fact, 'like to sit with us'?
I firmly believe that if women brought back the strongly female attribute of caring about others and making sure that they are ok we could make the world a better place, we as a gender could really lift each other up instead of put each other down, from social media to offices you can easily observe women going at the throats of other women, because of their nobody shape or life choices. We need to take a few steps back being girls who are made of 'sugar and spice and everything nice' and help each other out a little. We are after all good at it. I can not help but feel bad when I see someone hurting or sad, why not use this and convert it into helping each other out and send out positive energy to other women.

I know, I am lazy too. It sucks to have to wash your make up of before bed and to paint those eye lashes with mascara before you leave the house, but I think we will all agree that when you do, the way it makes you feel is priceless. I still recall a moment when I was younger I had to meet a friend of my mums at the Dorchester Hotel for some tea and to discuss a matter or two. I was 15 and she must have been 35. I stood in the lobby waiting amongst the glistening columns of the gold covered hotel when I saw her walk in. I was struck by her and wrapped in emotion at the same time, I am pretty sure that every girl has had an experience where they see a woman and it hits them that THAT is exactly the type of woman they want to be. To me she looked unreal, not human, too perfect. Wrapped in a black silk blouse with ice white blonde hair pulled back into a tight pony, and the most magnificent black billowing ball gown skirt around her waste cinching her in and dropping heavily down to the floor. She wore heels, of course, all Russian women do. Her face was dewey and made up. She walked in, we talked, she left. That day she had to pick her kids up from school, I would have paid to see the teachers faces. Somethings in life change your perception on how things should be. She changed mine. There is no need to dress up for an occasion, dress because it is an expression of you. Make someones day, be memorable, don't be mediocre, make the effort because who knows, you could have a date with destiny. 


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