Braid Life

Blue dress and blonde braid

My childhood was underlined by the dreaded french braid which loomed over my morning and ended in the evening when I got home from school. Perhaps a very Russian way of grooming your children where out of your face with a bow on your head is the best, my mum always made sure to braid my hair before school only letting up on weekends unless of course we had somewhere important to go.
I recall the feeling of a braid in my hair as making me feel really exposed, your face is there for the on lookers to take in with no hair to hide behind. I now covet the sexy french braid seen on magazines and woven into models locks but they will take me sometime to get used to due to my connotation with the beast, but I have found a new flirtation with the looser, easier sister of the french braid and that is the simple school girl braid which even your boyfriend can achieve for you.
These images were shot by Natalie Roser who noticed the wind gail as we jumped out of her car to take some images, she ushered me to turn around and within 2 shakes of a lambs tail my hair took the form of a sexy, relaxed, out of my face but still enough to cover my modesty braid. I believe it is the easiest and most achievable hair style that can make your tired or greasy hair instantly polished / cool and if you have extensions this braid is already your saviour and best friend I am sure.