Nailed It

My name is Margarita and I have a short nail bed.
This is certainly an unfortunate turn of events for someone who sees heightened glamour as quintessential at the best of times, I discovered this whilst looking at Vogue and Elle as a child where the models had stunningly long fingers with gorgeously elongated nails allowing for an elegant paw. 
My suspicions were confirmed when I starred getting my nails done professionally, the nail artists apply pointed out "wow your nails are so small!" Small they are indeed.
My small round nails however wont stop me from living out my dream of a glamorous, 50s, feminine hand complete with talons. The way I see it is that there are three ways with nails, if you also have a dreaded short nail bed this is your only options.


This is my least favourite option but it is an option none the less. Here you pretend to be Bridgette Bardot or Edie Sedgwick, a carefree spirited creature who doesn't care much about her nails as she is too busy being wildly fabulous to grow the labour-some things. Cut them off and paint them red or black or a beautiful nude. Make your personality the feature and let your hands express your child like joy. The big bonus here is that you will find general living easy unlike those with long nails. I say this as I struggle to type with my long acrylics.

My favourite colours are 

Funny Bunny
Bubble Bath
Big Apple Red
Lincoln Park After Dark

(click bottles for links)


This is my most frequented option. With Shellac you can manage to grow those pixie short bed nails into ones that some what resemble long slender claws. Careful though, the will and do snap, so for those with a taxing job where you are required to lift or type, this might not work. The key here is do not let them use a machine to buff the nail as this will make them thin and extra snap-tastic. Instead you should ask them to put on a nail hardener, the ones they use in salons are hard as 'nails' and allow me to grow my actual nails with great success. The colours above also come in shellac so feel free to ask for them. 

(Here are the shapes I normally ask for when wearing Shellac)



Fake it. I do, and I feel fabulous about it. Acrylic nails can be fabulous if done right, by that I mean you should request to make them extra thin, fat hump back nails are a no no. If you too have a short nail bed then make sure you don't go too long otherwise they will look fake and you don't want that even though they are. When questioned if the nails are yours, say 'Yes darling!' You did after all pay for them so they belong to you or front up to your fakery and wear them proudly.
The same shapes still apply, the ones I steer clear from like the plague are round and square. They will both make your small nail beds look like paws. The nails in my photo are acrylic with a coffin shape, I get mine done at the Odyssey Nail Salon in Rhodes.

pink dogon hermes coffin nails louis vuitton bag