Good morning friends, I write this to you the morning after the night before on which I went to my first Australian Mercedes-Benz fashion week. I am strangely tired like a child that has been over satiated with vibrant outfits, running people and snapping cameras with two incredible runways shows to top it all off, not to mention flowing champagne and people I love to mingle with.
The first day I opted for a floral jump suit with interesting back detail and flares which I saw and fell in love with at the SEDUCE launch. The colours are acid and so strong but still look beautifully floral and relaxed. The leg was extremely long so it swept the floor allowing me to put on the big gal shoes and look sky high, I am sorry feet I will make it up to you later. Wavy hair, bronzer and a dip dye jacket completed the look for me. 
The weather was sunny and so was my outfit which made me happy, however today I will go for something all together a lot more sinister. 

BEC AND BRIDGE impressed with an avalanche of opulent fabrics and rich colours, portraying to me cast away luxury. Sheer silvers, deep blues and most importantly burnt coppers took centre stage adding a new relaxed colour palette with a touch of expensive depth. The fabrics were flowing and the cut outs were well placed, what I loved most was how sparkle was added with out taking the clothing into the realm of glam but kept them firmly in the relaxed luxury chic field.

To me AJE was epically ancient in its feel, like a civilisation that is being documented on stage before you from the simple casual wear to the opulent golds and black which glistened like star crust nights. It was tribal in feel and complimented the set which was candle studded and darkly beautiful. The pieces the stole my heart were the gold and black gowns which entered at the end.  How you can be so encrusted and glamorous yet so bohemian escapes me, but it worked.