MBFWA Zhivago

The Zhivago collection made me feel like someone ripped my brain out of my head and created a  collection of garments from every idea I've ever had about what is beautiful. 
Now that is a huge statement if I ever made one, alas it is true. I have been raving about this show since the moment it ended. 
Beautifully dark and shrouded in mystery this collection was clearly a take on Egyptian drama with luxurious approach.
 I can not get past the shoulders, can we talk about the shoulders for a minute? The cut was sheer magic, how the fabric and cut outs draped over the arms creating a very powerful feminine silhouette. 
The material used was intensely unique and gorgeously glamorous, shining as it strode down the dimmed runway. Emerald greens, rich golds and sultry blacks stole my heart.
And then there were the boots...the BOOTS were a thing of wonder. In my eyes a masterpiece, but you don't have to listen to me. Just look at the photos below.