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Sophie is the type of person who makes you really feel heard, a rare trait if I do say so myself, but a trait that hold up most importance when it comes to talking about your face, the wrinkles on your face and how to generally improve your face. You after all have only one of those so it's really important to look after the one you have. Put your best face forward so to speak.

I hardly ever reveal what I do and do not do to my skin to keep it looking the way it is, but today I will share one of my little secrets, because I guess today I am feeling generous. 

I haven't always had the best skin, I too went through my share of teen acne which soon passed but I topped it off with lack of understanding about moisturising and general up keep. I even went through a faze of not washing off my make up at night just for the sake of pure rebellion or when I did manage to wash off my make up, I would do it with bathroom soup. Alas, the times when your skin bounces back like Sponge Bob Square Pants beaming with glowing zest have passed, not to say I am old but once you pass 25 it is time to look after your good old companion which will represent you for the rest of your life as you go into meetings hopefully looking impossibly fresh, get married glowing like a happy bride or simply go through day to day knowing you did the best by your face.

Last week I met Sophie at the Laser Clinics Australia in Drummoyne, she is the reason I have posted the selfie you will find below the text. Me being a glamour girl I am not one to post selfies proclaiming #nomakeup, much like Elizabeth Taylor I don't see the need. But Sophie changed my mind. So here I am with #nomakeup and I am pretty happy about it.

What they do at Laser Clinics Australia is not a Wam-Bam thank you ma'am experience at all. All the ladies at the clinic are thoroughly trained in skin. Everything about skin. Sophie sat down with me and wrote a chart detailing my skin facts, starting with my problems and ending with how to solve them. I learnt that I, in fact have somewhat oily skin but am dehydrated with all my coffees and wines so I need to double my water drinking. I learnt that cod liver oil will give me bounce under my eyes, I now know that vitamin C is a must for me and can not be forgone. I left with a chart and diagnosis of what I need to do in order to improve my skin drastically. What impressed me most is that each persons skin prognosis will be 100% different and these ladies are qualified to do it. How about the fact that I get blemishes on my jaw line because of stress, which around fashion week is oh so accurate. Each organ has a link to a part of your face, truly ladies and gents its fascinating stuff.

After my knowledge about my skin was enhanced tenfold, I opted for a microdermabrasion. This is a procedure where by they vacuum your face with a little suction hose which has slightly scratchy edges, so effectively the nedges gently take off the top 'unnecessary' old layer of your skin after which the vacuum sucks it all away. The best part is, when you are done you can see all the grime removed from your newly clear skin. The procedure was easy, painless and followed up by an amazing face massage which I loved. 
Over all I need to explain three things about the treatment.

Firstly I am hardly ever shocked, but when I was told to feel my skin after she was done, I was genuinely taken aback. I kid you not, it felt like silk. If you don't trust me, do it and write me an apology for your lack of trust in me.
Secondly my skin has never looked this clear and this bright since I was in my super young days.
Thirdly my make up has gone on so smoothly since I got the treatment that it is like I am wearing 7 layers of primer.
I hope you enjoy it when you try it and I hope you enjoy my #nomakeup selfie.


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