Naturally Full Lips by Laser Clinics Australia

Men are notoriously fans of the natural look on a woman.
 They swear up and down that they do indeed prefer you without your make up, little do they know however, that you have already smeared your face with BB cream, your under eyes with concealer and have applied a quick coat of mascara, but 'Yes of course honey, this is the natural look'.
Part of the joy of being a woman is creating an allure around your femininity that men don't quite understand and it is my personal belief that nor should they.
I am the first to admit that sometimes nature needs a little help, I have hardly ever met a true natural beauty, leg and armpit hair is natural but most woman will shave.
My husband is like most men and enjoys the 'natural look' when it comes to make up, I am like most women and pretend that I am naturally hairless, glowing skinned and glossy haired. It works for us. I pretend and he believes but there is a particular matter where he had to learn my little 'natural' beauty secret.
Last week I let him know that I would be going in to see my favourites at the Laser Clinics Australia in Drummoyne for some beauty treatments, one of which was 'Lips to Love'. Naturally like many men he was against the lip love treatment that I was to receive. He advised that he likes the natural look and is worried that I would in fact look like a duck which he does not approve of. I will not lie to you at this point dear reader, his concerns echoed mine. I too did not want to look like a duck and in this climate of Kylie Jenner lips gone wrong it seemed like a reality. But me being a rebellious stubborn creature at heart I marched into the clinic the next day to meet Alex who is one of the most gentle, understanding women I have ever met.
Alex is a nurse who is extremely experienced in lip enhancements and is also very focused on the welfare of her clients as well as on creating the look they love. She took me through the process for what seemed like half an hour. I certainly had a lot of duck lip related questions and needed the time. She assured me that she often turns clients away who demand the duck look, she told me that my lips were fantastic but if I wanted they look fantastic + and I agreed.
She informed me about a product named JUVEDERM, the safest injectable gel which consists of Hyaluronic Acid creating plumpness under the skin by attracting water in the body to the product. She told me in thorough detail about how the product would be injected and that it lasts for 6 months or so. This relived my worry, since if it went wrong, which of course it wouldn't,  it would not be permanent. 
Now I must explain that I am a worried person, I want to make my decisions 50 times over to make sure they are correct and exactly what I want. Many women get these injections in their lunch break and walk out looking fuller lipped and fantastic, hence why I am a perfect ginny-pig for all of you who have concerns and I can assure you if you visit Alex she will set your mind at ease, even down to letting me hold a hand mirror so I can micro manage the process as she began. Bless her, honestly.
What impressed me was her attention to detail and the balance of quantity she applied to each side, I could tell by her face as she injected the product into my fully numb lips from the gel she had applied that she really cared. Cared about the result and how I would look in the end. She also took a full medical record and called a doctor to process the details.
Laser Clinics Australia really care.
 Which is why I would not go to anyone else, why risk it?
The process was not painful, perhaps slightly unpleasant.
It was quick, pain free and very interesting indeed as I got to watch the process. 
My lips did not change shape. They were still my lips, just a little fuller. Which is exactly what I wanted. I wanted to still look like me. 
As I got in the car I felt exhilarated and excited to show my husband, I was sure he would love it. I was given a warning that bruising might ensue as would some swelling, but Alex is known for her gentle hand. Fast forward four days, I got no bruising, only a little swelling in the first hour after the procedure as you will see in the photo. 
The husbands reaction was interesting to say the least. He did not notice for the first hour, but husbands rarely look at their wives face. After a few hours something must have jogged his memory and he asked me if I went, I told him yes. He focused his gaze on my lips, upon noticing the difference he began a lecture on why natural is better, how he doesn't want me to change or become plastic. I assured him like Alex had assured me a many hours earlier that I would indeed not become plastic.
 A few nights later we went out for a few drinks with a few friends.
Being a clever fox I know that after a few drinks the truth comes much easier to people so as we  stood in the elevator on the way home, I casually asked
'So do you like how I look tonight?' 
He instantly replied 'Yes', Like most husbands who know what is good for them would.
'Did I  look better before 'Lips to Love' or now?' I pressed the issue further.
A long pause ensued, I wanted patiently for the truth serum to work it's magic...
'I prefer you now....'
Looks like enhanced natural beauty wins again. 

I would absolutely recommend this treatment as I loved the result, if you want to see Alex you will find her at:

 73 Lyons Road, Drummoyne NSW 2047
(02) 8014 8907




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