That Trench

No one can find the magic in a rainy day quiet like the British, some of the most quintessential British things were born from the constant presence of the rain like the wellingtons we don on a sludgy autumn day or the hot cup of builders tea you sip as the steam envelopes your cold face and nose.
My favourite British item has to be the trench coat which Burberry has made into an icon in itself, the stellar lines are hard to replicate and the form so elegant and beautifully uni-sex, it screams England just as much as a grey cloudy day and I for one miss both, the UK and the Trench that is. 
I have recently found a perfect trench number at KOOKAI which features in their latest collection, it has suited the recent impressions Sydney has been doing of London in the weather department.
Yesterday I found myself wearing this trench in Double Bay whilst having a few drinks over lunch with bunch of friends, we saw the skies turn from baby blue to stormy grey within two second, after which they parted like the red sea and the streets flooded with water truly something out of an apocalypse movie. People ran around screaming and taking photos of the hail that ensued, after all its not every day Aussies face stormy weather with hail stones the size of grapes.
I on the other hand sunk into a strange melancholy mind space surrounded by rain and wrapped in the trench I felt a beautiful British nostalgia. All I wanted to do was hide like a badger in the pub next to a fireplace away from the rain whilst downing heart warming red wine, alas my Aussie buddies wanted to head straight home, they are not British after all.