The Promised Dress

It hung on the door, relentlessly gleaming emerald green and proudly shoulder padded like many of its counter parts, slim fitting with loose sleeved, this was THE 80's dress that my mum had hanging on the door as she did her make up in preparation for a night out.
This dress was the apple of my eye and promised to me by my mother nonchalantly at one point, a promise that she didn't take as seriously as I, since the dress sadly is not in my possession some 20 years later. 
Tragic indeed.
Alas GUESS has released a dress which is a silkier skinned, red twin of my mum's party dress. The structure is not like something you see on hangers in 2015 but something I would love to see more of...or maybe I finally feel like a got my 'mum dress' and it feels great!