How To Wear Orange Lips

orange lips pout mac maybelline

When I say orange please don't think of Tigger in Whiney the Poo or the oranges you see at the fruit market. Let your imagination take you to the tropical oranges of Rio or succulent Arabic fruit platers heaped with fruit, perhaps the silks of India or the opulent orange of Hermes. This colour isn't only for summer, it is also great for winter meaning you will look like a breath of warm fresh air against the winter blues. Here are my simple tips for wearing an orange lip.

-I love a red lip as much as the next girl but I find a orange hued red so amazingly flattering. Reds can have an under tone of blue which makes the lip seem thinner, whilst if you choose a warm red your lip can look lovely and plump which means that a orange tinted red will do that for you creating an interesting shade of red and a sexy luscious lip.

-When wearing orange on your lips it is not necessary to try and match it to your outfit, nor would I advise wearing all black like a French mime with an orange mouth. Treat it like a casual splash of colour to add vibrance to your everyday ripped denim or pencil skirt and white blouse.

- I personally do not like matt orange, I feel an orange should look luciously fruit and full of juice. Matt in my eyes can look like a child's crayon, I say steer clear. By this I don't mean slap on gloss but perhaps line the lips then add a juicy lip stick over top.

- As far as other make up goes do not wear a pink blush opt for a bronzer instead, and please do not wear eye make up unless you wear a black liner and mascara. 

This trend suits olive skins beautifully as much as it goes with paler skin tones.

In my photo I used

waterproof lipliner pencil in 17C 

914 vibrant mandarin