Barre Body

I could start waxing lyrical about squats, interval training and bur pies in order fool you into thinking that I know what I am talking about, after all it wouldn't be too difficult considering google can creating an all knowing professional out of anyone, or so it seems.
However, I wont do that to you. If I did my friends would be ringing before I could count to 20 and demanding I stop lying.
 Let me introduce myself, in case you do not know me. 
I am the girl who loves a glass of wine and a plate of cheese, I love to dine out, I love to live life, I am also obsessed with nutrition so I use that to stay slim, but dear reader, I am not an expert on working out. Far from it, when you read about fitness on this blog it will be from my point of view as I learn in the trenched. Hopefully with time I will become Elle McPherson and you can follow and try the classes or work outs I enjoy.

My Ballet experience started young, being born to a Russian mother it is assumed that you will participate in gymnastics or Ballet. I so badly want to tell you I was a graceful young canary, flittering and prancing. Truth be told, I wasn't. 
Sadly for my mother I developed my negotiating skills way before I developed my balletic fascination. Having convinced my ballet teacher in one way or another, I sat in the corner of the room whilst the other proper little girls learnt to be graceful.
Don't get me wrong, I love everything about ballet, when it comes to watching it. Russian ballerinas are living goddesses but I would rather pretend to look like one then actually do the hard work.

Fast forward 12 years and you will find me at The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts studying acting. An actors body has to be void of personal ailments meaning that if your back hurts and you have a limp, it is not conducive to you portraying a character other than yourself. Therefore Yoga and Pilates is a regular practise. Every morning before class we would do an hour of one or the other. I have to say, my strength changed, my young unconditioned body tightened, I grew more aware of my core. It was one of the most transformational practises for me, since I didn't hate it. In fact I loved it. I loved being aware and connected to my body.

Recently I discovered Barre Body, a beautiful combination of strength building exercises on a ballet barre designed to tighten, lift and perk up your body. 
My otherwise lazy ears perked up upon hearing about this interesting combination. I hoped that much like in my teen years I would again get inspired to get fit.

At Barre Body the studios alone are enough to make you want to go.
Large, peaceful, light filled and beautifully spacious they are like a breath of fresh air, a breath of fresh air from an amazing Flash Dance 80s movie that is! Nothing inspires me more than a stunning space. Barre body brings that luscious experience to exercise. 
The instructors have bodies of voluptuous steel, I am one of those people who doesn't want to be instructed by you unless you have the body to back up your ideas. Seeing the girls in action it is very easy to trust in their method.
But above all, coming from someone with no attention span, in class I am never bored. Ever.
I went to Barre religiously two months before my wedding, my body lifted, I developed muscles I didn't know I had but most interestingly of all, Barre works like a mini body lift by engaging not just the large muscle groups but instead the ones that hold them up, so effectively, your muscles now have shelves to sit on.

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