Love Nookie - Part 1

Then I met Love Nookie.
 Like a restaurant in which all the dishes are perfect, this label makes all my body con goddess dreams come true. But before I cover the page with praise I must state that I have been coveting these garments for some time. I was going to write a blog about bringing out your inner goddess or about body confidence since the nature of these dresses is so...for a lack of a better word confident. However, I decided against it. Because frankly the dresses speak for themselves so much so that I shot a two parter, the second of which I will publish tomorrow. Both dresses to me have nautical theme with epic ocean blues and sea crest whites. So I made like a sailor girl and shot in front of the ocean waiting for the ships to come in.
Where these dresses to the French Riviera with big Bardot hair or forget that and wear it anywhere seeing as it is so fabulous!