Greenwood Hotel North Sydney

There he was, sitting atop a cushion of pillowy velvet mash, his skin, golden crusted, bronzed, glorious. His head was adorned with perfect emerald green pea crown and around him a sea of gorgeous gravy sinking him in tasty goodness. With him was a friend, I have never been so excited to see my object of affection bring a buddy along! His mate was skinny, crunchy and covered with parmesan, oh so generously.
 Their names were 'Lamb Shank Pie' and 'Alpine Truffle Fries'.
Needless to say the boys and I had a great night.

I watch what I eat, that is no secret so when I do eat what I want I like to go all out. My choice has always been savoury and preferably comfort food, so dates with Mr.Pie and Dr.Pizza are right up my alley. 

Greenwood Hotel recently re-opened under new owners and has easily become my favourite local with the BEST selection of comfort foods. Situated next to North Sydney station inside a stunning church, this venue is undoubtably  the most romantic pub I have ever seen. Adorned with fairy lights and enveloped by the city skyline, it makes the perfect place for after work drinks or get together with friends. 
Each room is high ceilinged, stained glassed and wonderfully decorated with candles, candelabras and a moose head which the management team tell me they are yet to name. I suggested Chris. As in Chris-Moose. Christmas. 

The outdoor spaces are spread over several verandas with a promise of cocktails and desserts soon to arrive on the menu.
The pie and fries kicked my ass in the best way possible and I will be taking my friends there, actually let me correct that, dragging my friends there very soon.