Slice of Romance

Romance should never be taken for granted, if kept alive it can make your life thrilling. Romance doesn't mean a date with your man although it could, romance is an essence you bring to life where by you make moments special highlighting details in order to create a metaphoric pin in the map of your life. My mum is a huge lover of romance and celebration, I in turn inherited this trait. 
Yesterday Dr.S and I stole a moment in our over busy schedule to enjoy a slice of romance.
 Where better than an Italian restaurant? Italians are perhaps the kings of romance and opulence, so we should take a note from them. 
Situated in the heart of Woolloomooloo Wharf and being privy to some epic city views which happen to be my personal favourite when creating an air of romance, Criniti's is an Italian eatery with a very varied italian menu.
The food is moorish and wonderfully delicious, whilst the atmosphere is one of a stolen romantic moment.
I suggest you grab your lover or your favourite person and trot down there soon, I love their seafood selection and cocktail menu not to mention the views, they are simply wonderful.