Now I realise YSL is never a must have per say, so this blog is more of a
 'Yey I finally got the YSL makeup essentials that I always wanted!'

Now I would normally never recommend only top brands to you guys but when it comes to the base of your make up I will always recommend the best.  That includes skin care, face wash and your foundation routine, when it comes to fun lip glosses, blush and highlights feel free to play around by all means.

YSL lasts a lot longer so you get more bang for your buck. 
The products I picked up are of course the famous LE TENT TOUCHE ECLAT foundation in B50, TOUCH ECLAT RADIANT TOUCH in shade 2 for highlighting (which is the highest selling product of all time) and their MASCARA VOLUME EFFET FAUX CILS in black.

As I was leaving my eye was cought by a glowing beacon of cylindrical magic, full of golden specks and textured like a cloud, the TOUCHE ECLAT BLUR PRIMER had to come home with me. I am after all a magpie so anything shiny must be mine! (rubs hands together in evil splendour).
What I loved about this product is that it leaves an iridescent glow under your foundation with a few gold twinkles. How magical is that?

Now my kitties, which foundation do you love? I heard Armani is incredible?

P.S I am newly entering my journey on the paleo diet hence the pale bowl sitting joyfully by my make up and VOGUE magazine. If anyone has any tips let me know!