Lets catch up kittens.

But before we do lets hop off the bus for a second and stop at the 'where is this outfit from?' station.

When I was young I was obsessed with many things, like most kids are, but amongst them was a huge soft spot for Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, introduced to me by my best friend Nataliya. I met her on on a crisp autumn morning when our mums decided to arrange a play date for the two of us, or shall I call it a 'lets have a glass of wine and hope our kids get on, if not then tough!'

Nataliya was all together much cooler than I, if coolness is judged by ripped jeans, playstation and the ability to speak English unlike me. I on the other hand was wearing a little mermaid t-shirt and golden slippers with braids on my head. 
Worry not. She took me under her wing and injected some cool into my life in many ways. One of which was by introducing me to Anime, Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter.

We spent every minute and every saved penny collecting videos and playstation games, feeding our imagination with colours, explosions, crazy costumes and roaring rampages of revenge, then  running to the park to pretend to be anime character on swing sets or as we saw them spaceships.

Till this day dresses that are cut , long on one side, short on the other remind me of Kitana (Mortal Kombat) or Chung Lee (Street Fighter). These women were bad ass and didn't take any shit. They were royal but not weak, able but not macho and extremely sexy with boobs, butts and a super cool attitude. So naturally even to this day I feel exactly like that in this dress (or at least i imagine).



Ok, so lets get back on the bus and catch up shall we?

What have you guys been up?
Any exciting goings on?

I have been working on an extremely exciting project last week in collaboration with Sydney Makeup Artist Nicola Johnson and honestly I cant wait to share it with you my kittens!

I am also travelling to London, Riga and Dubai in July! I will be taking you all with me. 
Let me know if prefer blogs or vlogs for travel.

Love you lots, like Jelly Tots

Kitana.....I mean Margarita x