I write this lying on my sofa wrapped up in an earthy grey throw which my cat has recently claimed as it's mother, perhaps it is the colour or the snuggly nature of the throw but I for one agree there is hardly no better feeling than the cold out doors and you in cozy indoors. Feeling like a cheeky warm mouse safe in its house. All I am missing is a steaming cup of hot tea and that will be me sorted.
To be honest I am lying around because I feel depleted of energy.
Today I woke up with a hang over, mind you last night I only had two glasses of wine. I stumbled out of bed, had breakfast, attended my meetings, drank 2 litres of water and took pain killers. Alas, still dreary. Walking around with a hazy looming head ache. Then it dawned on me, this is no hang over after all, but an energy drainage.
I am sensitive. Anyone who knows me well knows that empathy is my first emotion, closely followed by guilt. I do not enjoy this quality about myself but it is me. It makes me a good actor and an even better friend because I will most likely know exactly how you feel before you even have to tell me.
However, it also means I give a lot of myself. My energy, time and thought to others. If you are like me you will also experience this drained hung over feeling. 
Energy is transferable, your atoms vibrate together and send energy into the universe. If you are positive you attract positive. Like attracts like.
There are also energy vampires. People who need empathy, attention or in other words your energy. Sometimes you, like I, will find your self in a strange depleted state just from trying to constantly make others happy, ease their soul or simply listen to their problems. They walk away happy and full while you crawl away flat as a pan cake. An empathic pan cake.

Moral of the story?
You need to be selfish, at times selfish is good.
When you feel you've given too much, walk away, reboot, hide away in your grey sofa throw like a little sofa crab and only reemerge when you feel back to your strong centred self. 
Like my mum said, 'you don't owe anyone anything'.


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