Home is a weird concept.

Recently Natalie Roser emailed me from Miami where she is currently modelling, asking me 'How is home?' I clearly knew what she meant. She meant Sydney Australia, a city I have made my home for the last three years.

 I remember being on the plane on the way to Sydney when I first decided to make the move, somewhere up in the clouds a red cheeked, cheery happy girl started talking to me. I didn't object seeing as I have an ungodly fear of flying. I asked her about Australia where she was from, she paused for a while then looked up at me gleefully and said 'people say the word heaps a lot!', which means 'a lot of' something or other. In the UK where I have lived for the past 15 or so years the word heaps is used in the context of 'there is heaps of shit on the lawn'...
I sat muttering the word heaps for a few minutes, tattooing it into my memory. 

Making another country your home isn't an easy task but it is a fasonating one. When does somewhere become your home? I have made several foreign cities my home, Ive come to form the opinion that I have made it into an art form. It isn't something that scares me. Providing it is a city not a country town. Most cities have common threads, in them you can be invisible. Hidden in the bustle of the city. 

I am set to go to London, my previous home in July, to the English summer. Flower filled, summery aired, cinder aplenty London. I know London better than I know most of my friends. Considering Natalie's question however, I realised that now I have many homes, like a local neighbourhood cat which frequents several houses in the street making the owner of each domicile believe that the cat indeed is their beloved pet. 

I AM Russia, but please don't get it twisted I AM a Londoner, a Londoner who is also a Sydney sider. So when you ask me how is home? Let me know which one you mean.

On a real note though people are becoming a fabulous patchwork of global citizens.
I for one am proud to be one and hope to make many other cities my home.

Where are you from?
I would love to know.