Camel Coma

I once read that Marilyn Monroe's favourite colours were white, black, red and beige.
 I stumbled across this in one of my many Marilyn books which I had collected as a teenager, I guess I was searching, at that time for inspiration on glamour and womanhood. 
Learning this fact however both disappointed and confused me, surely I thought, a glamorous goddess like her would claim the colour pink or better still gold with rhinestones!

Having grown up some I now understand that there is nothing sexier than a clean and neutral palette. 
I picked up this gorgeous camel coat and pants from the Kardashian Kollection, paired them with a white shirt and haven't looked back since. 
Thanks for everything Marilyn, I owe you.

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Coat and Trousers by Kardashian Kollection

Boots by Kookai