Fluidity in Elegance


There is a fluidity in elegance that can not be captured when wearing highly structured clothes.

Fluid fabrics are flattering on a woman's frame and are reminiscent of nature, in the way they billow, hugging her curves as opposed to pulling them in or pushing against them.

Further more, they can give you an air of effortless grace.
When I picked up these pink silk wonders from Khoon Hooi, my mind automatically galloped to high wedges 70s platforms and a structured waisted jacket with strong shoulders, and perhaps embroidery, lots of embroidery!

 However when it finally came to wearing them I already had the grey t-shirt crop on. It looked effortless funnily enough, and more more alluring than any structured blazer could achieve. Notice how its always the most comfortable girl, most authentic girl who gets the most attention and admiration.

Key reference - Edie Sedgwick.
Run wild baby, run bare foot if you mist but please don not forget your chandelier earrings!

I threw my hair up into a samurai bun, adorned my self with some juicy earrings and ran out of the door.

Remember, some times colours, fabrics and elegance can create the glamour while you are truly comfortable. 

Now isn't THAT the best of both worlds?





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