Body Shop


To my joy and utter glee Body Shop has released a new...for a lack of better words flavour in 'FUJI GREEN TEA'.
As a kid nothing gave me more delight than walking past Body Shop on the way home from school and either looking through their window or having saved enough money actually being able to enter the store and purchase my most lusted after item, which most of the time happened to be the body butters.
Firstly the texture is like pure butter, it goes on perfectly smooth and makes your skin as smooth as a babies bottom.
Secondly their range of smells hit all the right spots. They are true to what they claim to be and are not shy, they really smell of what they say they smell of!  I am the biggest fan, from juicy mango to sexy coconut.
Thirdly all the products are not tested on animals.
Honestly what more could you want?
The new range comes in refreshing green tea flavour, which smells as fresh as it sounds. It a wonderfully green and energising smell unlike their other more musky products.
Also in the range you get a body scrub which I remember loving in the strawberry flavour when I was younger. The green tea version doesn't only scrub your dead skin cells off but it also kicks you up your metaphoric butt with a hit of 'wake up girl'! 
The cutest part has to be the tea infuser inspired bath salt which you hang in your bath tub as you would a tea bag in a tea cup and pretend to be a tiny little person soaking up all the goodness from an over sized cup of green tea!
 What a magic concept.
I for one am re-living my childhood as we speak.