Blue Jean Baby


At my wedding there was a speech about alternate realities. It was said that there are arguments and differences of opinion amongst people who other wise love each other mainly due to a differing view of the world at the time or of how an event took place. The speaker advised that luckily Dr.S and I often have our own reality in which we live. 

It got me thinking, fashion too denotes the reality in which you live and more often than not you can guess by a persons preferences how they think and what they hold important.

Ripped denim for example, much like shoulder less sweaters divides people like vegetarianism or a social opinion like whether breast feeding in public is A-ok or a no-no.

Almost every occasion on which I wear the ripped denim, I get a comment from a baby boomers asking if I was attacked by a tiger? If they can lend me money for some new jeans or if I have the holes there for ventilation. Back when they were teens of course each piece of clothing mattered and how you presented yourself mattered even more, so naturally in their reality ripped jeans and shoulder less sweaters make no sense.

Then there are those who had their teens in the 80s. Now to them the denims symbolise expression and freedom of speech, walking down the street to a sound track of Pat Benetar  bandana tied pretending to be Corey Feldman. From them I get acknowledging nods of appreciation. Rock on.

Ripped denim and the shoulder less sweater in the colour grey have come back and stuck around with avengance. In today's society perhaps they are a symbol of effortlessness. Ease of being in an other wise high strung world. I myself only truly came to appreciate them when I moved to Sydney, Sydney siders know how to relax, or more so they know how to make a relaxed look appear luxe, they also do this well with a sporty ensemble. 

A peek of knee and a slight glimpse of shoulder is my favourite relaxed go to look, so tell me, which category do you fall into? Are you ripped denim lover or head shaker?