'You know, you look better with your hair down', the camera man said smiling sweetly then continued to pack away his equipment. 
Of course I know. Mostly any girl who's face isn't Michael Angelo sculpted angelic perfection looks better with her hair down, it is after all more forgiving, the face doesn't appear so angular, harsh or stern. Asymmetry is softly hidden by gently billowing hair and the world over all is a much happier place. 

When I was 12 I made sure my hair hung down on each side of my face just so. Enough to cover my nose, face and other features I felt weren't flattering. On the way home I would tie it up, safe from the judging eyes of anyone I went to school with, not that they even caed mind you but I did. Besides my mum would say that hair up looks neater and prettier, so I did it for her, wanting to avoid the debate. This way everyone was happy. The face judging kids and the hair hating mum.

As I grew up, and perhaps only recently, I began to really embrace my facial structure. All the angles and shapes included. It's not only my face I grew to love but it's also strongly Russian, my facial features are clearly Eastern European, so I should wear them proudly as should anyone.
I have grown to love sweeping my hair out of my face for 4 reasons.
 Firstly, its a strong sleek runway look allowing you makeup and jewellery to play the leading role.
Secondly, when your hair is dirty it's so easy, need I say more?
Thirdly, its empowering and strangely liberating and last but not least it makes my mum happy.

We had finished our shoot for the day, he was nearly done packing away his equipment when he paid me the compliment about my hair being better down and for the first time, I really took it as a compliment and happily went home. Me and my tied back hair.