You know that couple which has been married for say 26 years and the husband clearly loves the wife, he cherishes her in his own clumsy incoherent way, however the effort he puts into the relationship is least to say minimal. So small in fact that it barely sustains the relationship. In many ways he has grown comfortable and she has grown accustom. 

This is exactly the same relationship I currently have with my body, me being the couch potato husband and my body being the neglected wife. Don't get me wrong, I will take my body out for a healthy meal at About Life once in a while and proclaim to myself that I really do care how my wife/body feels! I am after all a good husband/body owner.

But truth be told, there is so much more I could do after being with my body for 26 years. She deserves it and in turn I hope we'll have a better relationship for it. So I decided to pull up my socks (gym socks in this instance) and see a marriage counsellor Jacinta Younan. By the gist of my story I am sure that you've cleverly worked out that Jacinta is actually a personal trainer, however I see her as so much more.

My wife/body and I came to meet Jacinta in a cafe in Bondi. I was nervous. I like many lazy husbands/body owners would really love to improve but hate being prodded and shamed into it. Jacinta unlike many others has a very holistic approach. I exclaimed that I contrary to popular opinions these days don't want a huge butt. No offence to huge butts but I've always like a toned lithe frame much better. She nodded and understood. This was change for me since most of the time I would receive a quizzical look followed by the words 'But fit is the new sexy!'

Jacinta will be guiding me through a 5 week program in which she will teach me how to be a better husband and how to actually enjoy doing it! Which I must say will be a change for me to say the least. In turn I am excited to see how my body improves but not only my body, also my mind. Jacinta believes strongly that where the mind goes the body will follow.

Find out more about Jacinta Younan below and you can follow my journey on INSTAGRAM with a blog after the 5 weeks are up.