Age might make you saggier, wrinklier and grumpier but one thing that it certainly does give you is perspective.

You begin to value the finer things in life, the more important things, like family, your sanity and ultimately how you spend your time. I for one realised that I don't have the time for a few things, like people who take and never give back, perfect hair and skin tight dresses that verge on being too small causing you constantly pull and tug at either the sweet heart neck line or the thigh high hem.

You gain an appreciation for immaculate tailoring, a crisp white shirt and yummy over sized knits. I love to make a statement at times more than I love to look 'hot'. That's why I adore this jump suit complete with tasselled shoulders which come in the form of a cape. The suit is chic, effortless and oh so cool. I wore it with chandelier earrings by all time favourite costume jewellery designer Fiel Sol, whilst the jump suit I got from the ultimate quirky designer Khoon hooi.

I say embrace the effortlessly chic and slightly kooky and leave your tight mini in the wardrobe for a while. Oh and don't worry about the hair just chuck it up in a bun.