Winter skin is never pretty, as much as you try to moisturise, exfoliate and look after your skin there is no getting away from the tarnishes of cold weather, wind and in my case travel. 

Never mind though, since there are so many advances in skin care these days that they are sure to take care of even the worst ailment. I myself have become aware of many of there miraculous treatments over time, both from female friends and from having this blog. Information about the new innovative skin treatment seems to pile on my brain like paper work pile on the desk of a medical student and so, one ends up slightly frazzled and confused as to what exactly you should use.

I am a believer of finding a good thing and raving about it and I believe I've found just that.
In order to get my skin back to it's bushy tailed self I needed to take an action a little more drastic than a new skin cream, so I asked the ladies at Laser Skin Clinics Australia Drummoyne to recommend something for me. The AHA Enzyme Micro Peel was the first words they uttered. I don't want to lie here so I'll be honest. I've never had a peel or done anything so 'hands on' to my skin at all. So the words peel threw me a little. None the less they explained to me that the AHA micro peel is probably the gentlest most nourishing peel you could have, so much so that your actual skin won't peel at all. The benefits being to soothe, hydrate and remove dry flaky skin using ingedrients like Papaya Enzyme, Vitamin B3, Camomile and Grape Seed Extract.

Having had it done I can tell you that it is truly a great introduction peel, it tingles and you feel it's working, sure! But there is no pain or discomfort to write home about. 

They begin with a de-greasing stage, to me that process sounds positivley delicious. I love the idea of stripping my face from all the muck and grime. The glycolic, lactic and madelic acids can really get in there and renew your skin. I was told it is kind of like little pac-men who are made to eat away only the dead skin cells leaving the healthy ones only. Further more the therapist also gives you a face massage which increases lymphatic drainage and aids in helping the product work its magic. 

Afterward I felt FRESH, I looked in the mirror and saw my skin gleaming both from redness and cleanness, like a babies bum! It was my first time, and it was fantastic.

So much so that the ladies at Drummoyne Laser Clinics AU have offered my readers this amazing service for $25 (normally over $60) till the 31st of October at that location only.
You can thank me later!

I also picked up some products which I will be trying over the coming month from the SKINSTITUT serious skincare range. I will be doing a video review on the products in about a months time when they have had a chance to work. Stay tuned!