This dress did not just define a season but it took the season, grabbed it under it's arm and ran with it. Leaving all other dresses in the dust.

Prada was the proud nurturing mother of this pink candy spun concoction, having made it for the purposes of pure irony as part of the 'sweet but violent' collection, the dress stormed down the runway and dominated, not surprising then that every magazine editor was left wanting it on their cover.

One by one these editorial giants published the pink tunic on their cover, so when I saw the dress in person in Prada Las Vegas, I felt like I was meeting a celebrity. After all it isn't the Rita Ora and Katy Perry wearing the dress but the dress wearing the starlets.

Wonderfully spangled and freshly feminine, this dress had me dreaming of it's pink perfection ever since. If you know me, or any other Russian girl to be exact, you'll know that we will take decadent over practical any day. British Vogue sites this as exactly the reason why the dress has done so well, the pretty pop of color is such a contrast to the simplicity and the clean lines of the clothes a modern woman is used to wearing in 2015.

I say embrace candy pink perfection and indulge in the strictly feminine. Wear something pink, yummy and paint you lips with SNOB by Mac.