I am a lover of nifty new inventions, scientific discoveries and progressions of any kind, so when KERASTASE invited me to play with their new HAIR CARE technology I jumped at the chance.

What I discovered was not only informative but for me, ground breaking. I am a healthy hair crusader and have been on the mission named "HEALTHY LONG BLONDE HAIR" for what seems like decades. My dream in life beside being able to eat what I want and stay slim is a head of lion like blonde hair which gleams in the sun as I flip it, oh so carelessly.

However, with time shortage and just not being able to find the right products regardless of how far and wide I look (much like the relentless search for many woman trying to find the perfect man.) I've flitted from one shampoo to the next looking for Mr.Right-Shampoo and to be frank have never really settled. I've loved the smell or feel of some but alas, smells like good looks fade.

Yesterday I walked into the overwhelmingly beautiful KERASTASE salon in Rosebay expecting to hear that my hair is thick but damaged by the blonde high lights I use (shh it's our secret.) But as I settled into the my comfortable white leather chair, coconut water in hand I found my problem was very, very different indeed.

A machine designed by the geniuses at KERASTASE samples your hair, takes photos of your scalp and puts together a prescription. Now, my tail was wagging me being a lover of analyzing anything I can get my hands on. I was told that my hair is in fact sparse and only one grows from every hair follicle when in fact there should be 3! Also my hair isn't color damaged or lacking shine, what I needed in fact was to wake up the dormant sleeping hairs in my scalp to achieve the full hair look I had been using extensions for. My hair is simply asleep!

I was and am more than impressed by this verdict. Not only can they pin point the problem but actually concoct a prescription to solve it! As I sat in the cellulite massage chair to get my hair shampooed with the incredible smelling product, I asked the Kelly the beautiful KERASTASE specialist, which range she uses for her hair in the KERASTASE collection. She answered frankly, 'Well since they work I always have to change, my hair no longer has the problem the shampoo is designed to treat'.  
That to me ladies and gents made perfect sense.

NOW, I think it's rude to brag about my new shared love without sharing the spoils. Having been given my hair treatment I picked up TWO extra COMPLETE HAIR CARE PROGRAMS to give away to my dear readers!

All you have to do is SUBSCRIBE to WWW.THEBLONDEAVENUE.COM (you will find this at the bottom of the page) or re-post the Instagram photo I will be posting at the same time as this blog post goes live. I will choose ONE winner from the blog subscribers and one from the re posted photo on Instagram. If you want to double your chance feel free to do both!



Kérastase Institute Flagship
Shop 2
666 New South Head Rd
Rose Bay