I have been fiendishly fascinated with watching Disney movies in the last two weeks. The artistry amazes me whilst the nostalgia is hypnotically delicious, epic color combined with attention to detail make these movies simply irreplaceable. 101 Dalmatians certainly springs to mind when considering the greats however unlike many little girls, I was hopelessly devoted to the evil queens. To Ursula's attitude, to Snow White's step mother's beauty and of course to Cruella Deville's FABULOUS style. The woman is audacious and unapologetic, whilst unlike her I don't wish to wear real puppy skins, I am a lover and adorer of animal print everything. Call me crass, in fact PLEASE call me crass! Like Ms.Deville I love a strong animal print.

I say choose your favorite animal and pay them a tribute (please choose faux of course).