Skin is a very personal subject indeed, it seems that some people with the most epic looking skin can have the most doubts, saying that however we are often fooled by the layers of foundation applied to said skin in order to give the illusion of utter perfection.
 It is therefore very rare to notice a huge difference in someone's skin who isn't you! Namely my friend Erin who has of late been strutting around proudly barefaced something I hadn't seen before or maybe I simply hadn't noticed.
After chucking a few questions in her direction, she pointed me toward a spa where she has been getting hydrating facials lately and of course I trotted along promptly.

Set high above Bondi Junction with breath taking panorama of the city and glistening water below, Face Plus Medispa enjoys the feel and privacy of a Hollywood clinic to the stars or so I imagine. Namely every staff member looks like a walking advert for great skin, and lets not forget the modern decor plus the lemon water, I love any place that takes the time to slice a lemon or two for their clients.

I was taken through to a private room and enjoyed a facial and an education in skin. The facial and the products used all meet the 'as natural as possible' quota and as far as relaxation goes I would give it a 10 out of 10. I was told that everything I had read online about my sensitive yet oily skin is wrong. That oil in products that she applied to my face is actually good for oily skin and that water based products don't actually penetrate the top layer in order to moisturize which of course makes sense as we are water proof. Mostly though I knew I was onto a winner when I was told 'just wait till you feel your skin after', with such enthusiasm and conviction that I knew the result would be instant. Indeed after the most serene 40 minutes, I felt my skin, the texture can only be described as a ball that was once perhaps a little deflated but had now been pumped back up to it's former springy, bouncy and moisturized glory.  

In order to bring the point home I attach a none edited make up less selfie. If nothing else this spa has THE BEST selfie light from the main waiting room window. You can thank me later.

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