Hello my loves,

Here is a video that I thoroughly enjoyed putting together for you, there is nothing I love more than to chat about style, the meaning of it and it's social context. I find the history of fashion so interesting so much so that I can re call being in drama class and getting incredibly excited about the prospect of wearing a costume from a certain era and really feeling what it would have been like to be from that time. It changes your appreciation of novels written and the historic context of any given situation as well as the characters in it.

Yesterday a lovely gentleman having viewed this video wrote me a message stating that I should in fact 'shut up and get naked' he didn't take kindly to me expressing my views on female dress, and would prefer I shut my pie hole, which hardly ever enjoys pies but anyway!

I replied to him as I do to most of my viewers explaining the context of fashion and this video to which he replied that fashion sells sex and therefore I am a prostitute. At this point it was as if the heavens opened, I realized just how powerful fashion and self expression really is. Especially for women. Prince, Bowie and Michael can prance around in what they desire but a woman saying she like to wear a dress is a prostitute. I love it when something so seemingly be-nine has such a negative reaction. Why? Because it means we are pushing through. It means that when someone gets so angry at a woman simply being that we are going in the right direction because people get angry at what they fear.

I hope you enjoy my video and I hope you enjoy your self expression in which ever way you do it darlings.