Fashion and travel are two categories that are frequently lumped together especially since the stratospheric rise of the fashion blogger, so naturally when planning any trip you want to be comfortable yet stylish! I mean who doesn't? Images of you taking stunning travel photos of you in lavish and colorful outfits flash through your mind as you pack you suitcase and set off to you next destination and so I, like any excited traveler grabbed my over weight 30kg bag, threw on my recently purchased gleaming white Adidas superstar originals and set off to the capital of cool, otherwise known as London.

Those who know me, know that London is also in fact my home town and so I am not the quintessential tourist by any means, far from it, I truly feel at home in the city smoke. However, that doesn't stop me from wanting to produce the most awesome travel content for you guys, no ma'am. I was determined to travel in style, because after all, much like I keep saying and writing where ever possible, this blogs slogan and my life motto has become, 'CREATE A BEAUTIFUL LIFE' which rings truer and truer for me the older I get. Life shouldn't be taken for granted, every moment is special so why not show up 100%? I know I always feel like doing more and being more if I feel good about myself in that moment.

Before I left for London I knew that I wanted a shoe to rock on the daily, clearly a heel for the evening is a must, but since I walk more than a working donkey in the day time this shoe needed to be both ultra cool AND comfortable. Needless to say I didn't look much further than the super sought after Adidas classic. Adidas superstar originals are unisex, so there isn't really a strict women's sizing option, which sent me on a wild goose chase of sizing and comparison. I am usually a solid size 39 EURO or an 8 AU. I was advised to go for a 7, then for some unbeknownst reason I left the store with a 6! Which I then promptly returned and replaced with the original 7. Luckily for me new stock had just come in, so I could do my exchanging madness in peace.

So here I was, with my epic over stuffed suitcase and my new superstars. For the 2 weeks I spent in London, I hand on heart wore these nifty sneakers EVERYDAY, despite my good intention to mix it up my everyday uniform became a black bodysuit, black skinny high waist jeans, leather jacket and the Adidas superstar sneaker. I have come to the conclusion that much like the model off duty look, a put together chic travel outfit is a must. To create beauty in your life you have to be free and comfortable to run, explore and see the city you are visiting! Why be anchored down by an elaborate outfits in which you don't feel grounded? I love this look, I think it's just the thing for a city get away and if you're really cool, wear those bad ass sneakers with a mini dress. I've put together a list of my favorite pieces below so please don't hesitate to check them out.

Till next time guys and please don't forget to create a beautiful life, be in the moment and remain grateful regardless of where your travels take you.