Sydney winter has bought with it chilly winds, stormy weather and lots of opportunity to style up your spring/summer wardrobe.

The beauty of this city and climate that goes with it is the fact that winter is not truly winter, or at least not the winter I remember. There are no frost bitten fingers, red noses and quadruple layering to speak of, in Sydney it's more a case of English early Spring with several spells of a very ferocious storm which passes as quickly and abruptly as it comes.

Welcome the maxi dress with unfinished seems, purposefully so. Having bought it abroad I hardly had time to enjoy it before the weather changed, fear not, there is nothing a little leather jacket can not fix. Yes, this is the same jacket you saw 2 blog posts back and I best forewarn you, it will feature again. I can not get enough of this Ralph Lauren bad boy. We are very real here at TBA, I would never tell you to buy a new jacket every time you hit the streets, in fact I say fall in love, in deep true Mr.Big/Carrie Bradshaw love with a few jackets, hand bags and shoes, invest in those pieces then style around them. There are two sound reasons for this opinion:

1.) You invest in pieces which will last a life time whilst changing cheap seasonal fashion as it comes and goes, making this theory super friendly on the wallet.

2.) You grow and develop a signature style which is framed by the pieces you invest in. Like James Dean's white T-shirt or Marilyn Monroe's red lips.

I loved pairing this sturdy jacket with the feminine dress, my favorite combinations are below so you can shop the look for less or invest in a lovely Burberry piece if you so desire.