I have been a long time fine of the coveted CHANEL LE BOY.

However, I am sure most of us aren't a fan of the price point. Am I right?

Irony of all ironies is that my fandom for the bag doesn't come from the branding exactly but more so from the actual look of the item, effortless and almost masculine, LE BOY adds an instant cool to any outfit with it's harsh looking hardware, which I love.

Wandering through ZARA on my recent trip to London, I spotted the bag I am carrying in these photos, casually perching on the shelf above my head whilst I tried to decide on a certain white blazer that will soon feature on this blog. Nonchalant with a boss lady charm this bag had to be mine especially since it had a lovely price tag attached of $90, if I recall correctly.

Little did I know though, this chain clad little buddy was about to be my Australian winter bestie. The bag has 2 compartments which conveniently divides my phone and camera away from my keys and wallet making each item super easy to find, it also translates super well from day to night and elevates an all black outfit to perfection.

I've attached some of my favorite CHANEL LE BOY bags below for you happy campers, and please do me a favor, don't buy a fake. The message you will send into the universe is that you are willing to be a fake by wearing one. Buy the best quality you can afford and honey, wear it proudly, it doesn't have to be super expensive to be super gorgeous.