Social media has become such a wide and deep pond lately that I am not sure which of you dear readers solely read the blog and which of you watch the channel. Those of you who are more watchers than readers would know that my husband and I have recently travelled to the States. I have vlogged some of the up standing moments of the trip on my channel, by that I mean I have vlogged my hotel musings as opposed to the actual fun packed activities. I am still getting over my filming myself shyness whilst in public. 

Since getting back I have had to really try to light the work fire under my butt, Tim Ferris pod cats & globe trotting have somewhat become a habit of late so the desk, be it a home office in which I am totally free seems a little confining. Saying that though I have heard that writing in a cafe is a great, be it expensive habit as it isolates you and makes you get the work DONE!

So here I am back with a post, I have missed you and am glad to hear the sound of my fingers tapping away at a key board once more. For today dear reader you will be treated to a fashion post, as has become the custom here at TBA. 

I am sure that I am not the first genius to point out to you that THE BOMBER is the jacket of the year, like it or not. I personally really like it! Masculine, cool and some what 80's I think this the perfect jacket to take you through the year.