I have recently turn one year old and for the first time I simply don't care.

It feels truly incredible to be in life exactly where you want to be, of course dear friends there are 100s upon 1000s of things on my 'to do' list but I can say with confidence that I am truly happy where I am. It all comes from making choices which suit your inner self, not sweating the small stuff and working relentlessly toward you chosen goals.

For this blog I came together with Citi who share my mantra of enjoying the smaller moments in life in order to create an over all amazing life that you can live and enjoy every day.

So I have put together 5 little things I enjoy doing on my birthday or any day of the week that make it that much more special. #livemore



I am certainly not one for huge numbers of people coming together, I prefer much more to have a few people that I love dearly come to my birthday. I love it when I know that everyone is going to show and enjoy the day as much as I do. Same applies to girly lunches or days out with friends.



I adore getting ready and having my make up look exactly the way I want it to. Taking a little more time means you feel like yourself through out the day and so much more confident taking photos. If you want to feel ten out of ten, take an extra minute to do your hair and make up just like you like it. 



How great is it to share a cocktail or two amongst friends over a beautiful meal with the sun shining? Need I say more?



Choosing a new outfit to bring in your own personal new year is so fitting. On your birthday you should look just how you intend to for the rest of the year! Take your time and dress with your future in mind. Intention can be extremely powerful. How you feel in the moment manifests itself in your life, make an effort to feel positive. I do that by looking exactly how I want to look. Put your best foot forward.



I am a foodie to the bone! For me any celebration needs to have great food present. If it doesn't its just not worth it. I recommend choosing a place which serves your favourite food to really elevate your mood. I love Catalina, where we went for my birthday.


There’s a difference between an experience-rich life, and simply just going through the motions! Citi Australia, is the bank for the new generation – the bank which helps its customers proactively seek out new opportunities and experiences to help them live more, by doing more.  Here are a few of the things that Citi is contributing to it's customers.

  • Citibank Dining Program
    Citi customers that dine at Citibank Dining Program partner restaurants receive a complimentary bottle of wine.
  • Citi Mobile App
    With push notifications that help customers stay on top of transactions and payments the app also provides customers the ability to instantly activate debit/credit cards on the move. 
  • Citi Rewards Program
    Citi customers that spend using their Citi Rewards Platinum Credit Card accumulate reward points which can then be redeemed with branding partners.

If you want to learn more jump on this link and create a special day with Citi Australia: