I was recently fortunate enough to spend a few stolen moments in Mykonos. I had personally never been but had imaged it so many times. 

I had however been to Santorini, which in my humble opinion and the opinion of most people on Instagram is one of the most romantic places on earth. Perhaps I have come to that conclusion due to the fact that the island was the place I got engaged or simply due to the fact that the Greek islands know how to deliver romance with a side of Mediterranean sun and lashings of fresh seafood?

My husband and I were visiting my mum in London and having made the trip all the way from Sydney Australia we figured why not hop on a plane and visit Mykonos while we are at it? The island certainly lived up to my expectations and even at times over delivered.

In this post, you will find a break down of my outfits and the travel vlog if you want to get to know me more! 

Happy reading!




It is vital and I repeat vital to have a blue and white stripe to throw loosely around yourself as you (tousled) lounge by the pool/sea/bar or wherever it is you happen to park your peachy derriere.

I love a good nautical moment as much as the next gal and must admit nothing suits it more (besides a yacht) than the Greek Islands. Saying that the island of Mykonos has expensive yacht studded waters for as far as the eye can see so you, my little stripey cookie will fit right in!



For the evening I strongly suggest one of two options. If you love to dine then dance at the many Mykonos night spots on offer than I would stick to a sexy little strappy dress with (hold onto your seat kids) a flat sandal. I know, THIS act of flat shoe wearing when going out at night is usually against my religion but as you peruse the stunning cobbled streets of Mykonos town there is really no room for hobbling about on 6 inches unless of course, you love a wedge in which case baby, wear a wedge!



The other route you could go for an evening dinner look is a floaty greek goddess vibe. That is a no-brainer and will add to the overall romance of the evening. Go for whites, blues and popping pink or reds.



Finally, the time might come for you to jump in the crystal clear blues of the famous Myconian sea. This year I am loving one piece and high waisted 50s inspired number. I am really not sure as to why but they are really floating my boat or in this case Yacht. There is something so opulent about the look don't you think? Which in turn goes perfectly with the designer luxury finessed streets of Mykonos.



Last but by no means least I wore this beautiful ruby red splash of colour and felt every inch like Dolce Vita. The long fabric and the slit give you a feeling of playfulness as you discover the gorgeous little spots throughout the island, oh and if you haven't been to Little Venice in Mykonos, go. Girl, just go.