Many people’s years are punctuated by family dinners, familiar smells and special holidays they may have embarked on.

Adventures and times which only occur that one time and you remember forever. It so happened that in 2018 I managed to experience three of the most iconic bags ever to exist, so this year for me will be known as the year of three bags and here is their story.



Every January my mum makes the epic voyage from London England to Sydney Australia. Arriving arms full of Rimova suitcases and hat boxes she piles into my car and regales me with tails about which of her bags which she calls ‘babies’ were lucky enough to accompany her on this years adventure. She details outings that she will take every bag on as if they were dates and she a wooing suitor, how she will sit under the moon light with one and prance happily along the sandy beaches of Sydney with another.

On this occasion she had with her a very special friend in the form of the Hermes Constance in the colour Pink Sakura with lizard hardware and a strap long enough to wear over shoulder. This bag she assured me, is the perfect summer companion able to accompany a girl to a breakfast, a brunch, a picnic or a night out. This bag was everything and more.

Arriving home she took her usual shower and changes. I awaited what I surely knew would come. The bag parade.

Within moments my mum emerged clasped in her hands was the most delicate bird of a bag, so dainty, so pretty in fact I am not sure one should describe it as such, for bag seems too common a word. This rare and magical creature was more jewellery as opposed to a bag. Unique and fantastic my mum flung in on her shoulder proudly showing me all the ways it could be worn. With whites, reds, pinks, creams and hell why not blues!

Little did I know that the plan all along was to leave this treasure with me for six months until I made the similar journey to see my mum in London later in June so that that the bag my mum said ‘could experience the Australian summer’.

And that my friends is how I got to spend the most magical 6 months with the rarest of rarities, the pink Hermes Constance.



Hong Kong is like my mind. Busy, inspired, raw and full of adventure.

Earlier in the year my husband and I travelled to this mystic land from where his father originates. Both of us are obsessed with the fast paced nature of the city and although pretty docile people at the best of times when we come into contact with such energy we come alive. Running from restaurant to ice cream stall to store to boat to yet another restaurant and bar followed by the incredible nightlife it seemed that we couldn’t get everything done.

Yet all along I harboured a desire, my dream was to go to Disney Land having never been as a child. Upon hearing the news that Hong Kong is the home to my dream destination I begged Simon to go. To which he simply replied ‘SURE’.

As the days rolled into one and dinners became breakfast time seemed to run out until low and behold it was the last day and alas Disney Land was not to be. Detecting the sadness which I tried to hide fobbing Simon off with a sincere ‘it does not matter really!’ He decided that the only thing to do was to roll into Dior, which is oh so much better than Disney Land, don’t you think?

Soon there after we emerged with no trace or memory of my desire to visit Disney Land and a silver bodied Diorama with light gold hardware, the likes of which I never even dreamt of.



Simon is obsessed with all thing unique and one of a kind.

One of the first bags we bought as a couple was the shearling flap by Chanel which truth be told he fell in love with at first site. Odd for a guy I know but for some reason it just happened! Blessed? I think so.

However on this specific sunny Vegas morning it was I who fell in love.

Passing the Chanel store located at the Wynn in Las Vegas I lost my breath and my mind upon seeing what I thought was a unicorn. Standing in the window was an iridescent masterpiece reflecting multi coloured rainbows from its shiny rose gold skin. I ran tripping over my feet inside the store and stuttering I asked what was it that I was witnessing. The polite sales clerk explained that said bag had just come in and that there were four this morning and now at 11am there were two.

I was not at this point saving or planning to buy any bags! But I had a weapon in my arsenal seeing as this bag had to be mine. It was our wedding anniversary in a few days and Simon had forgotten to get me a Christmas present a month prior.

I turned to Simon explaining with the conviction of a criminal lawyer that this bag and I were made for each other and he would be mighty cruel not to help me buy it! I of course would pay the majority but I needed a loan as this unicorn and I with it’s gorgeous chevron skin, could not be apart, we simply couldn’t. He looked at me for a long moment and decided that alright, he would help me with half seeing as its my our anniversary.


That is all I needed to hear. I was off to purchase the love of my life and we haven’t been apart since.